Want to go to Martha's Vineyard? We make it easy.

There are many ways to get to the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard. We showcase all the options in one place so you can stop planning and get going!

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App Features

Go2MV is the one app that has everything you need to reach MV quickly and easily. Pick the ferry that works best for you, compare schedules, navigate to your ferry, we even offer tips on where to go if you have some extra time.


There's more than a half a dozen different ferry companies servicing MV. We feature them all with their schedules on and off island so you can find the boat that works for you..


We use Apple Maps to calculate your time, distance, and navigation to your ferry. We'll help you get there with one click.

Got Time

Have some time before your ferry boat leaves. We'll show you the locals' favorites whether you have a lot of time, or just a little.

Info & Tips

Travel like a local with tips on each ferry, parking, and more.

How Does It Work?


Step 1. Home Screen

Home Screen with Sliders of Boats and Town on MV. Each image is a clickable link to the respective boat or town.

Step 2. Upper Left Burger Menu

The upper left burger menu opens the left drawer with links to the boat schedules.

Step 3. Schedules Menu

Choosing this tab will open the schedules menu for all the boats.

Step 4. Navigation to Ferry

This tab will show your miles & time from each boat calculated using Apple Maps. Once you click on a boat the app will open Apple Maps to give you directions.

Step 5. Got Time

You an use this tab for food or activity suggestions should you have extra time before boarding your boat.

Step 6. Help & About

Our help and about menu with useful links to assist you.

Vineyarders are Loving Our App

Great app I check after landing at either Logan or TF Green. Especially useful when Cape Air gets cancelled last minute and I need to figure out the boat options.

Will A.

Wish this app had been around when I was a weekend warrior driving from Boston.

Robert C.

Very helpful when driving from Rhode Island choosing between New Bedford or continue driving to Falmouth / Woods Hole.

Emily M.

Working on MV, this app has helped when needing a weekend off island, especially during the winter.

Steve R.

Living on MV year round this app has helped when off island and needing to get back to MV.

Alice M.

So helpful. Everything I need in one place.

Joe S.

Go2MV is my summer travel must-have. Makes getting to MV easier.

Sam C.

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No, at this time we do not store any personal information.

We only use this information for the "Navigation to Ferry" screen where we estimate the distance and time it would take to arrive at the boat, as well as plot your turn by turn directions should you click on a boat you wish to go to. We calculate all this by plugging the GPS information into Apple Maps.

No, currently you cannot buy tickets through the app, however this is something we are considering for the future. The reason right now you cannot is some boats dont have computer systems, and those that do dont have APIs for developers. Try to remember some boats are cash only, some only have paper tickets, and some didnt even take credit cards until the last few years.

This is due to the app not getting a reading from your GPS position. Check the setting of the app and click on Location. Make sure in the "Allow Location Access" screen the app is set to "While Using the App". To get to the settings of the app, you can either go through the Help & About menu and click on Settings, or on the home page of your iPhone go to settings and find our app.